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Catholic Faith


1. Grounded in a Christian Anthropology.

2. Imbued with a Catholic Worldview.

3. Animated by a Fatih-Infused Curriculum.

4. Sustained By Gospel Witness.

5. Shaped by a Spirituality Of Communion.

This Year Ecole St. Joseph Is Focusing on Mark 5: Shaped by a Spirituality of Communion.

An excellent Catholic school recognizes that each and every stakeholder is responsible for the common good.  

  1. Roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in the Catholic school are articulated in approved documents. Policies, Administrative Procedures, and School Protocols are consistent with the Gospel values.
  2. Provide opportunities for parents to work and be involved in the life of the school and parish. 
  3. The school recognizes the role of the local bishop in ensuring that the education and formation in his jurisdiction are based on principles of Catholic doctrine.
  4. The Catholic school frequently invites the local parish priest to school functions and encourages him to be an active member of the school community.