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Rockin' Rob's Servery Servery Specials: October 12th-15th

Tuesday - Chicken Strips with BBQ sauce, Ketchup, or Sweet n Sour sauce $5.00
Wednesday - Taco in a Bag with lettuce, cheese, taco meat (no exceptions) with either Sour Cream or Salsa $5.00
Thursday - Perogies and Sausage with or without Sour Cream $5.00
Friday - Pizza $3.00/slice

Terry Fox Walk for Hope

This year we will be commemorating the Terry Fox Run for Hope as a school wide walk. This will happen on Tuesday September 28th rain or shine, just as Terry would have! Donations Forms (See attached file) have been handed out to students. You can also donate online at Just find St. Joseph School Whitecourt. Our goal is to get at least $1 for every student.
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